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osCommerce Add 2Checkout Payment Module

This osCommerce payment tutorial show how to install 2Checkout (2CO) payment module in your os Commerce shop

osCommerce Add 2Checkout Payment Module Tips:

You have installed the oscommerce PayPal payment module in previous demo. Now, let's install the oscommerce 2CheckOut payment module.

1. Select the 2CheckOut link.

2. The oscommerce 2CheckOut payment module has been installed by default. If os Commerce 2CheckOut payment module is not installed, simply click on the Install button.

3. Click on the edit button to configure the setting.

4. Select True to enable oscommerce 2CheckOut payment.

5. Enter your 2CheckOut account number in this field.

6. Remember to select Production if you are ready to accept 2Checkout payment. The Test option allow you to test the payment process.

7. Change other settings if required.

8. Enter the Sort order of display (e.g. 1).

9. Finally click on the update button to save the changes.

10. Look! It takes about one minute to accept oscommerce 2CheckOut payment on your os Commerce online store.

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