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osCommerce Development Server Build Up

Why build up an osCommerce development server on local computer?

The main reason is that osCommerce developer can set up, customize and test with your new osCommerce shop on your local computer before renting a web hosting account. This can save you money to rent a osCommerce web hosting to set up and customize your osCommerce online shop.

The other reason is for customization of existing osCommerce online shop. You really don't wish your customers to see you customize or test installing features on a real osCommerce shop. What if the new customization crash your osCommerce shop? Therefore this is better to customize and test osCommerce shop on a development server.

Many TAS users are always asking if TAS can works with osCommerce shop installed on local development server. The answer is absolutely YES, YES, YES. Actually a local osCommerce development server works almost the same way as a web hosting server. In this osCommerce tutorial series, a video tutorial is showing how to configure TAS with the FTP and MySQL database on a local osCommerce development server. Once the configuration is setup, the customization process is exactly the same as a web hosting account.