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osCommerce XAMPP Development Server Tutorial

We use XAMPP to build up the osCommerce development server on local computer. XAMPP is an integrated server package that include Apache server, MySQL and FileXilla FTP server and is very suitable to set up for osCommerce Development Server. Moreover XAMPP is a free application and very easy to install.

The following video tutorial series shows step by step how to use XAMPP to build up or set up an osCommerce Development Server on a local computer. Please read the video tutorials in the order arranged.

Best monitor resolution for Video Tutorial: 1024 x 768

  • Install XAMPP Server on Local Computer (02:13)
    The first step is download XAMPP from offical website and install on your local computer.
  • Check Status of XAMPP Server (00:44)
    After installation of XAMPP server, this is always a good idea to check if the services are running normally.
  • Web Document Root of XAMPP Server (01:27)
    The Document Root is the directory from which your XAMPP Web server will be serving the Web pages. When you setup a local web server, access to localhost will return the index file of this directory. Therefore the URL of your osCommerce shop on local server will related with this path.
  • Set Up FTP Account for User on XAMPP Server (02:09)
    You need to set up a FTP account if you wish to use FTP client to upload and download files, and use TAS for osCommerce customization.
  • Add New User of MySQL Database on XAMPP Server (01:25)
    Before install osCommerce shop, this is a good idea to add a new user to admin the MySQL database. Therefore this new user has the right to install osCommerce shop.
  • Install osCommerce Shop on XAMPP Server (04:16)
    Everything has been set up on XAMPP server, it is time to install osCommerce shop.