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osCommerce Color Box Header Corner Tutorial

This osCommerce tutorial show how to replace the grey box header corners with color images of osCommerce shop.

osCommerce Color Box Header Corner Customization:

The three grey box header corner images can be replaced with three color corner images with the same size.

1. Prepare the three corner images with same color as the box header background.

2. Upload the transparent images to images/infobox directory to over-write the old files.


The left corners with curvature are called left corner (corner_left.gif)

The square corners on both right and left sides are called right and left corner (corner_right_left.gif)

The right corner with curvature is called right corner (corner_right.gif)

Therefore there are three types of box header's corner images:

i. corner_left.gif with left curvature
ii. corner_right_left.gif with square shape
iii. corner_right.gif with right curvature

There are two methods that you can make the color of corners same as the background color of box header:

METHOD 1: Replace the 3 corner images with 3 transparent images with the same size.

METHOD 2: Replace the 3 corner images with 3 images with same box header background color and with the same size.

This oscommerce tutorial use METHOD 2.

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