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osCommerce Add Text Links to Footer Text

This osCommerce flash tutorial shows how to add some text links (e.g. Privacy Notice) to footer texts.

osCommerce add text links to footer text:

The text links (e.g. Privacy Notice) can be moved or added from the Boxes to the Footer text. In this oscommerce tutorial, you are going to add the Privacy Notice link to the Footer Text.

1. The english.php file has been downloaded in previous tutorial. You need to edit this file in this tutorial.

2. The PHP code for the Privacy Notice text link can be found in the information.php file.

3. Open the information.php file.

4. Navigate to Line 23 - 26.

5. The text link of Privacy Notice can be found in Line 24.

6. Select the text link of Privacy Notice.

7. Press Ctrl + C to copy the selected codes.

8. Switch to the english.php file.

9. Continue with previous oscommerce tutorial, the codes of Footer Text is in Line 321.

10. Paste the code before the Powered by osCommerce.

11. Remove the <br> tag since you want the Footer Text in one line.

12. Now, add a space (&nbsp;) and the "|" separator between Privacy Notice and Powered by osCommerce.

13. Finished!

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